The Membership

The Membership

The members of CBC
As a Baptist church the main core of our congregation are the members who are at the centre of our fellowship. Membership means that someone has professed repentance and faith in Jesus and is committed to attend and be involved at Central, serving God together with the other members.

Different Baptist churches have different criteria or preludes to being a member. To be a member at Central it is not essential, although it is strongly advised, to have been baptised. This serves to ensure that person has made a public declaration of faith and has not come lightly to the decision of applying for membership.

As the body of and in fellowship with Christ, and as a royal priesthood, we believe that all major decisions in the life of the church can be reasoned and determined by its members. Although certain people have gifts of leadership it is the commission of all believers to engage in the areas of ministry for which they are gifted and to participate fruitfully in the life of the church. Through these gifts members should seek to edify fellow members and encourage each other in their spiritual growth.

Central holds a number of members' meetings per year in which the elected leadership of the church present situations for the debate and decision of its members. This model seeks to hear the voice of God through the many, rather than the few, or the one.
To apply for membership please ask the pastor or one of the deacons and an informal meeting (normally a dinner) will be arranged to meet and discuss your application - to find out more about your walk with God and to ensure you understand the foundations of the Christian faith.

Should your application be accepted you would be welcomed into the membership of the church. You would then, with the other members, have responsibility to attend regularly at Central's services and be active in prayer and in seeking to make Christ known in the activities of the church.

To view a more comprehensive description of what it means to be a Baptist member please take a look at the Baptist Union website. (Note: CBC is not responsible for the content of any external web-site.)